Dermatix® Silicone Sheets

Available in two forms:

Made from silicone and polytetrafluoroethylene, the thin Dermatix® Silicone Sheet Clear provides a unique combination of transparency, flexibility and adhesiveness. The silicone reduces hypertrophic scars and keloids, while thesis abstract example the transparency offers minimal visibility of the sheet. Dermatix® Silicone Sheet Clear does not require adhesive aids such as tape or netting, making Dermatix® Silicone Sheets ideal for wearing on exposed body parts (e.g. face and hands). Dermatix® Silicone Sheet Clear can be washed with mild soap and water, making Dermatix® Silicone Sheets easy to reuse.

Dermatix® Silicone Sheet Fabric is thin, self-adhesive and fabric backed. It is lined on one side with silicone, which sticks to the skin reducing and preventing scars. The other side is lined with silky-smooth fabric, which makes Dermatix® Silicone Sheet comfortable and convenient to use under clothing. Dermatix® Silicone Sheet Fabric can be washed with mild soap and water, making Dermatix® Silicone Sheet reusable and easy to care for.

The thinner the Silicone Sheet:

  • The more it adheres to the scar and thus the more effective it will be.
  • The more flexible it is

Dermatix® Silicone Sheet Clear

Dermatix® Silicone Sheet Clear

Virtually invisible! Apply on exposed skin. Perfect for face & hands – you can even apply make-up over it.

Dermatix® Silicone Sheet Fabric

Dermatix® Silicone Sheet Fabric

A silky fabric backing provides an optimal level of comfort and convenience under clothing and pressure garments.

The benefits of Dermatix® Silicone Sheets

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Transparent (clear) or silky fabric for optimal level of comfort
  • Indicated for use on patients with larger scars or someone who has undergone a skin graft operation or suffered a burn, who will be at a higher risk of scarring
  • Self-adhesive and convenient
  • Thin and pliable
  • Durable and washable
  • Semi-permeable

Available sizes:

  • 4 x 13 cm = 52 cm2 (1.5 x 5 inch)
  • 13 x 13 cm = 169 cm2 (5 x 5 inch)
  • 13 x 25 cm = 325 cm2 (5 x 10 inch)
  • 20 x 30 cm = 600 cm2 (8 x 12 inch)

You can find the Silicone Sheet Clear and Silicone Sheet Fabric variants in our online shop

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